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June 25, 2019

Breakthrough Therapy Supercharges
Your Stem Cells Giving You 800% More Healing Power to Cure “Incurable” Diseases

Dear friend,

We are on the leading edge of a new era in medicine.

Right now, scientists and doctors are using stem cells to:


  • Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease:  In a study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Alzheimer’s patients “showed measurable benefit in … cognitive function after treatment.”1 Half of these patients regained abilities they had lost… like tying shoes or enjoying an entire football game.2

  • Undo Stroke Damage: Doctors at theStanford University School of Medicine were stunned to see “significant improvement” in stroke patients, even though many had been crippled for a year or more.3 Some patients got out of their wheelchairs and walked again.4

  • Cure Cancer: Ivy League researchers confirm that stem cell therapy is “widely used” as an “effective cure” for leukemia, lymphoma and other hematologic diseases.5

  • Reverse Heart Disease: Johns Hopkins researchers saw “unprecedented increases in viable (heart tissue)” in patients treated with stem cells after heart attacks.6

  • Cure Diabetes: A study in the Journal of the American Medical Associationreported that diabetes patients “became diabetes free” after stem cell treatments.7

  • Heal Wounds: Stanford and Johns Hopkins researchers found that “stem cells offer a promising approach to wound therapy.”

  • Slow Down Aging: And researchers of an Ivy League university say stem cell therapies could “change the way we age.”8

These are incredible results. Yet this is just the beginning.

Because today, you have access to one of the biggest breakthroughs in stem cell science.

This breakthrough is a simple, non-invasive nutrient therapy. It has no side effects. It doesn’t even require a prescription.

Yet this nutrient therapy is clinically documented to increase the effectiveness of stem cell treatments by an astonishing 800%.9

Amazingly, these results have been overlooked by most doctors and researchers. And they’re certainly ignored by the FDA.

But not by me.

I’m combining this nutrient breakthrough with stem cell therapies in my practice, right now. And my patients are healing in ways I’ve never seen before.

Over the next few minutes, I’ll share their amazing stories.

I’ll show you how this breakthrough therapy activates stem cells to cure diabetes… reverse Alzheimer’s and stroke damage… alleviate pain and inflammation… stop cancer in its tracks… and more.

More importantly…

I’ll show you how you can harness this 800% greater healing power in the privacy of your own home.

Because no matter what you’ve been told… you CAN take steps to heal and reverse “incurable” disease.

And You Deserve to Hear about These Steps, Right Now

I’ve worked to heal people for nearly 30 years. And I use proven healing therapies to do it.

It doesn’t matter whether a therapy is based on conventional medicine, a centuries-old herb or the latest technology.

And it doesn’t matter what the FDA or Big Pharma might say about it.

If a therapy can help you or your loved ones, then I’m going to bring it to you.

And combining stem cell treatments with this nutrient therapy puts your healing power into warp drive.

To see why, let’s start by looking at stem cells.

Now, stem cell therapies, on their own, are potent healers… as you’re about to hear from one of my patients.

Stem Cells Healed Me “Much More Than I Ever Expected”10

These are powerful words from a fellow MD.

David F. is a doctor who, as he says, “trained in traditional medicine.” Yet all his training in modern medicine could not help him.

So he flew more than 1,050 miles to visit my clinic.

When David arrived, life was catching up with him, even at the young age of 53.

David was borderline diabetic and in constant pain. He had “moderate to severe” breakdown in his lumbar discs. He also had spinal stenosis that caused severe pain any time the weather changed.

And that’s a big problem when you live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

So we immediately started David on stem cell treatments.

And his results blew beyond anything he had hoped for. As David told me…

“My metabolism and energy are dramatically improved. I’ve lost over 20 pounds. Skin wrinkles around my eyes and on my face have disappeared. And I just experienced my first pain-free winter in over 25 years.

And if that wasn’t enough, my rotator cuff pain in BOTH shoulders is gone. I can now do pull-ups in my workouts. I haven’t been able to do that since my 20s.”

David Looks Younger… Has More Energy…
and Is Living Pain-Free… Because My Treatments Boosted His Stem Cells

Now most doctors would be surprised by this.

But not me.

Stem cells are your body’s master builders.

They trigger growth and repair in virtually every cell in your body. They play a critical role in helping your body replace any cell that is damaged or dying.

When something goes wrong, such as a cut in your leg, stem cells spring into action. They immediately deploy to the injured area.

Once there, stem cells secrete anti-inflammatory compounds, growth factors, and more. Your skin cells, blood vessels cells, and other cells start building new skin.

This is how your leg heals.

Believe it or not, you have millions of stem cells in your body, right now. And these stem cells could be used to heal far more than a cut in your leg.

I’m talking about healing chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Warning: Ask this BEFORE you get stem cell therapy…

First, ask if the clinic is operated by board certified physicians with a full clinical and nursing staff.  If it isn’t, tell them, “No thanks!” and head for the nearest exit.

Second, ask what type of stem cells they use. The stem cells I use actually come from your own fat tissue.  That’s right…

In 2001, researchers from a prestigious California university discovered vast numbers of stem cells in human fat.1

And fat stem cells are easy to harvest. The best place to find them is in your abdomen or love handles.

We simply pull some fat out. Then we separate stem cells from your fat tissue. Finally, we inject your stem cells back into your body.

This all happens in a sterile exam room. It takes no longer than an office visit. And your healing begins.

1. Science News. “Pitt researchers transform human fat into bone, muscle, cartilage; discovery of first plentiful source of stem cells could make fetal tissue use

But Something Is Holding Your Stem Cells Back

You see, adult stem cells go into a “sleeping state.” And they can stay that way for years.

By the time you’re 75, the number of active stem cells in your body plummets. You have less than one-third of the active stem cells that you had at birth.

And that’s not all. As you age, your body is less able to use nutrients.11

So even if you eat and live healthy, your stem cells aren’t getting the nutrients they need to do their best work.

Combine all of this with the polluted air we breathe and the toxins you’re exposed to over the years…

And it’s a wonder your stem cells even survive… let alone thrive.

Bottom line…

Your stem cells — along with every cell in your body — are fighting a losing battle just to stay in shape.

This is why healing can be so difficult.

And the greater your injuries, the more difficult healing becomes.

Whether your injury is a blocked artery, an inflamed organ, an arthritic joint, or brain damage from a stroke… blood flow is restricted in these damaged areas.

That means your blood is unable to deliver all the nutrients your cells desperately need to heal the damage.

So while I had witnessed powerful results with patients like David…

I Still Wondered If I Could Help Even More…

I kept going back to our “sleeping” stem cells. Stem cells that are sitting, inactive in your body, rather than healing you.

Could there be a way to wake them up?

And what about the nutrients that stems cells need?

Could there be easy ways to “feed” your stem cells? Or every cell in your body, for that matter?

More importantly, could some of these methods be used at home?

Fortunately… the answer to all of these questions is YES.

And that’s where this breakthrough nutrient therapy comes in.

This Nutrient Therapy Boosts Stem Cell Healing Power by 800%

And this boost happens because this therapy does two things for you:

  • First, it wakes your “sleeping” stem cells.

  • Second, it loads your body with nutrients that support every cell in your body… especially your stem cells.

A University of Pennsylvania study found that just ONE nutrient treatment increased stem cells by 50%.12

And when patients used this treatment several times, stem cells skyrocketed 800%.

This nutrient therapy is like giving fertilizer to your lawn.

Use it once, and it’s a jumpstart for your stem cells.

Use it several times, and the constant supply of nutrients floods your cells and tissues with the food they need to heal you.

Your stem cells can even heal areas of low-level inflammation you didn’t know you had.

This makes your tissues lush and healthy, just like a lawn is when you fertilize throughout the growing season.

That’s why combining nutrient therapy with stem cells is so powerful.

And my patients’ results show how powerful this combination is.

“If I Didn’t Have This Therapy – This Cure –
I Wouldn’t Be Here Today.”

Allow me to introduce you to my patient, Leonard A.

The photo on the left is Leonard before he started this combined therapy. The photo on the right is after.

Leonard A. before starting my powerful combined therapy. Leonard after just nine months of combined therapy.

Before Leonard came to see me, he was worried his life would be cut short.

At 75 years old, he was diabetic with chronic inflammation and high blood pressure.

Leonard was also 70 pounds overweight and tired all the time. He could barely get out of his favorite chair.

Even walking was hard. His left foot had been partially amputated, and he could only walk by leaning heavily on his cane.

Leonard had been doing his best to get well. He was seeing two physicians, and he followed their advice to a T. Yet every time the doctor increased his insulin, he gained more weight. His pain increased. And his energy kept sliding downhill.

And here’s the worst part… both doctors told Leonard he was stuck with his fate. That at 75 years old, this is the way it would be.

But Leonard refused to believe this. So he drove more than 10 hours to my clinic.

I started Leonard on my combined therapy the day he arrived. And after just nine months, Leonard:

  • Lost 70 pounds – and counting

  • Is off ALL prescription drugs

  • Threw away his cane

  • Has normal glucose and blood pressure levels

  • Enjoys a stronger libido

  • And his energy is “off the wall”

As Leonard said, if he didn’t have this cure, he wouldn’t be here today.

And his cure was possible because I combined stem cell treatments with this powerful nutrient therapy.

This Combined Therapy Gave Leonard
the 800% Lift in Healing Power 
That His Body Desperately Needed

It only stands to reason…

If your body is low in the nutrients that your cells need… not one cell will work as it should.

Especially when it comes to healing inflammation and damaged tissues.

But with nutrient therapy, every cell — including your stem cells — get a much-needed boost.

And with a constant supply of this nutrient over time, your bloodstream and tissues become saturated with life-giving compounds.

It’s like a flooding river overflowing its banks. The river carries mud and debris everywhere it floods. It even creates new, smaller branches.

The same thing happens in your body. Nutrients flow from your bloodstream into your starving tissues. New, tiny blood vessels form to carry more blood.

This is how you get more nutrients to every cell in your body. Your cells can do their best work to help you heal.

And you feel younger, as a result.

Now I know…

Most doctors will tell you that you’re stuck with diabetes, weight gain, arthritis pain, and back agony… just like they did with David and Leonard.

And don’t even get me started on what they’ll tell you if you’re facing stroke or brain trauma, Alzheimer’s or heart disease, cancer, MS, fibromyalgia, ALS, or any other “incurable” disease.

Usually, the best mainstream medicine can do is treat your symptoms, rather than cure you.

But that’s all changing… thanks to this 800% lift in healing power.

We Are Moving from Treating Incurable Diseases…
to Curing Them

stem cells

This breakthrough combined therapy CAN heal you, too. And you don’t have to travel to my office to get it.

Because I’ve created simple protocols so you can access this breakthrough… in the comfort of your own home.

You can wake up the “sleeping” stem cells you already have in your body.

You can quickly boost the nutrients your stem cells need to heal you.

You can even start repairing damage you probably didn’t know you had.

And you can do it by following my easy, inexpensive protocol.

I’ll tell you more about this protocol in a few moments.

But first, I want to show you how this combined therapy does what mainstream medicine says is impossible.  

And I’m going to start with stroke damage.

Right now, front-line researchers are using stem cell and nutrient therapies to heal stroke patients.

One research team at Stanford University tested stem cell therapy with stroke patients who had been crippled at least six months or more.13

This is important, because the common medical belief is that you won’t see any improvements six months after a stroke.

That’s why Stanford researchers were stunned when one stroke victim rose from her wheelchair and walked again.14

Team leader, Dr. Gary Steinberg, said, “She was two years out from a stroke and could barely lift her left leg. Now, she’s walking.”15

And she wasn’t the only one.

In total, 18 stroke survivors who thought they’d be paralyzed for the rest of their lives experienced “remarkable” recoveries… even though most had been crippled by stroke for at least one year.16

This flies in the face of mainstream medicine. 

The common view is that damaged brain circuits are dead for good after six months.

Yet this research proves that stem cells heal damaged brain tissues.

And Here’s Something Even More Remarkable…

Researchers are getting similar results when treating stroke victims with nutrient therapy.

One study included 74 patients, all past the six-month date of their stroke. Many were paralyzed or had no sensation in certain parts of their body. Some could no longer speak.17

When this study began, researchers completed brain scans on all 74 patients.

Then, they divided patients into two groups. Half of the patients had nutrient therapy for four months, while the others had sham therapy.

After just two months, the results were astounding.

Patients getting the nutrient therapy showed significantly higher activity on their brain images.

Within four months, many were able to walk and move again. They could feel sensations. Others were able to speak, after months of not being able to talk.18  

These patients regained the ability to do everyday tasks… like bathing, cooking, climbing stairs, or reading a book.

And I don’t need to tell you… that’s life-changing.

People Who Thought They Would Never Walk
or Talk Again Are Climbing Stairs 
and Making Phone Calls

And here’s the thing…

Both therapies — even when used separately — cured these patients…

Patients who were crippled for more than six months after a stroke.

So I have to ask: Wouldn’t it make sense to use both therapies at the same time?

It does.

I’ve seen the benefits by combining stem cell and nutrient therapies with patients at my clinic.

We’ve treated patients suffering from traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease… just about any disease or injury that affects the brain or nervous system.

And we see improvements within weeks.

This is what happens when you increase healing power by 800%. You heal faster than you ever thought possible.

And you can ramp up your healing power, right at home, with the simple protocol I’m about to share.

Many steps in my protocol will cost you absolutely nothing!

But a word of warning…

Your doctor may not support your use of this protocol.

Most doctors won’t, thanks to the training they get with modern medicine.

As doctors, we’re trained to diagnose a symptom and then give you a prescription for it. Any treatment that isn’t a prescription drug is considered bogus.

As for me, I’d rather go with science.

And Science Proves That 
Combined Therapy Works

New research proves that combined stem cell and nutrient therapies heal brain and nerve damage faster and better than single therapies.

For example…

One study looked at rats with traumatic brain injury.

The rats treated with BOTH therapies showed significantly better neurological function — 25% better — than rats treated with either stem cell or nutrient therapy alone.19

And the combined therapy rats also scored 30% higher in learning and memory tests in just five days.

In another study, researchers found that paraplegic rats regained significantly more ability to move when given both stem cell and oxygen therapies.20

These studies confirm what I’m seeing in my clinic. My patients heal faster and better with combined therapy.

I’ll give you all the details in my new e-Report… including how you can use combined therapy without stepping one foot out of your house.

I’ll also tell you how to get your free copy, in a few moments.

But at this point, you may be wondering…

If these combined therapies reverse stroke damage and other neurological disease… could it do the same for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients?

The answer is absolutely, 100% yes.

Alzheimer’s Disease… Dementia…
Cognitive Decline CAN Be Reversed

And in just a moment, I’ll share two stunning case studies that prove this.

First, I want to explain why reversal is possible.

To start, let me say that mental decline is NOT caused by aging brain cells. A new, breakthrough study by Columbia University confirms this.

In fact, this study found that you have the exact same number of young nerve cells — or neurons — as you did when you were 17!21

So, why do we get Alzheimer’s or dementia?

Because while your brain cells won’t decline, two other things do…

First, your brain stem cells go to “sleep”… as I mentioned earlier… and…

Second, blood vessels in your brain shrink and shrivel up… so your brain cells get less blood flow and nutrients.

And that’s a problem.

You see, when your brain cells are active, they need tons of energy, which they create by using nutrients.

And as we saw earlier, nutrients are delivered by blood flow to your brain.

So when you have less blood flow, fewer nutrients get to your brain cells. Your brain cells can’t create enough energy. And they start to decline.

Your thinking gets foggy. You forget where you put things. Words escape you.

Even worse, with fewer nutrients and stem cells, your brain can shrink over time or Alzheimer’s plaques can form.

But this isn’t all bad news…

Because Your Brain Has Unlimited Potential to Stay Young… IF It Gets the Blood Flow and Nutrients It Needs to Revive Your Stem Cells

This is what combined therapy provides.

And you can increase blood flow and nutrients for your brain easily from home… so your brain stays strong no matter what your age.

You’ll find out how in my brand-new e-Report.

But first, I promised to show you how researchers are reversing Alzheimer’s in two very recent case studies.

In the first study, researchers gave a small group of Alzheimer’s patients intravenous infusions of their own stem cells.

The researchers then checked for improvements, by testing the patients’ cognitive abilities, analyzing levels of beta amyloid and tau protein, and taking SPECT scans of their brains.

And these tests showed that half of the patients improved in every single aspect.

These patients improved so much… they regained their ability to tie shoes, pay attention during an entire football game, and enjoy shopping without getting lost.22

Yet this great news doesn’t end with this study.

In a second, hot-off-the-press study, researchers reversed symptoms in another Alzheimer’s patient. Only this time, they used nutrient therapy.

The patient, a 58-year-old woman, had experienced five years of cognitive decline. And it had accelerated in the eight months before she started nutrient therapy.

At the start of the study, she was confused by simple commands. She had a slight tremor, slow movement and loss of coordination. She could no longer bring her finger to touch her nose.

So researchers began by giving her an eight-week course of nutrient therapy.

And in just eight weeks, they were able to “reverse the patient’s symptomatic decline.” PET scans showed a 38% increase in brain metabolism, including parts of the brain typically affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

In other words…

This patient’s brain was using nutrients and creating energy again. And that allowed her brain to heal.

And the best part?

Researchers kept her on this nutrient therapy. So she kept getting better. As of January 2019, she had hit 22 months, free of Alzheimer’s disease.23

This Is Groundbreaking News!

Yet your doctor has probably never heard of either study. And I can almost guarantee… you won’t hear about these studies in the news either.

Sad to say… I’m not surprised.

The FDA and Big Pharma keep a tight lid on research like this. After all, how can you make money when people are healed by their own stem cells and simple nutrient therapies?

This is why I’m bringing this information to you today. Because these therapies could save your life… or the life of someone you love.

And I want to emphasize a point I mentioned earlier…

In both of these case studies, researchers used one therapy. Yet each therapy, even when used alone, reversed Alzheimer’s disease.

Imagine what could have happened if they had combined both therapies to get 800% greater healing power.

I already know the answer.

Because I see how combining stem cell and nutrient therapy reverses dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in my patients.

One of my favorite examples is a patient who I’ll call Mary, to protect her privacy.

When we first met Mary, she was in definite cognitive decline… possibly from Alzheimer’s disease. It had gotten so bad her husband drove across the country to bring her to my clinic.

When they arrived in early April, Mary was irritable and uncooperative. She no longer recognized her husband, even though they’d been married for more than 60 years.

Needless to say, Mary’s husband was devastated.

So we started Mary on combined therapy that day. And Mary began to improve, almost immediately.

Then, in mid-May — just six weeks after we started treatment — we were ecstatic to hear the news…

Mary Had Kissed Her Husband Again…

Mary woke one morning, saw her husband, and gave him a kiss.

This is a woman who hadn’t recognized her husband in months.  

After years of sliding into dementia… she is regaining abilities she had lost.

Mary is actually reversing her dementia… because her body now has the nutrients that stem cells need to heal her brain.

This is what happens when you combine stem cell and nutrient therapies for 800% greater healing power.

And today, I want to share this combined healing power with you, too.

Because you can use this combined power to feel younger, stronger and more alive than you may have felt in years.

And if your doctor says this is “quackery,” tell him or her about these studies…

  • In one study, type 2 diabetes patients were given stem cell and nutrient treatments. The patients cut their glucose levels in half. A1C levels returned to normal. Overall, patients needed 10X less insulin, with some patients dropping their insulin altogether.24

  • In an Ohio State study, test subjects regained “significant cardiac function” after a heart attack when treated with both stem cell and nutrient therapies.25

  • A recent study in Neural Regeneration Research reported that test subjects with traumatic brain injury had better cognitive performance when given both stem cell and nutrient therapies versus one therapy alone.26

  • And another recent study showed that combined stem cell and nutrient therapies “improved wound-healing and tissue repair” in diabetic mice. Wounds were 50% smaller than in mice treated with just stem cells.27 

And Some of the Biggest Breakthroughs I’m Seeing Are in Treating Cancer

Now, I regularly work with cancer patients. And many of these patients will also undergo chemotherapy and radiation at other clinics.

But they come to my clinic for combined stem cell and nutrient therapies to support their healing.

It only makes sense.

While chemotherapy and radiation may kill cancer cells, these treatments don’t change the conditions in your body that caused cancer in the first place.

But combined therapy does.

Combined therapy increases your stem cells AND gives your body the nutrients it needs to make cells stronger. And that includes cells in your immune system.

When this happens, your body can finally do what it’s designed to… heal you.

This is why I’m so excited to see these recent studies.

[Note: With cancer, many of the groundbreaking treatments are combining HBOT with metabolic chemo and treatments that induce autophagy. However, any treatment that induces autophagy increases stem cells.28  So I’m counting this as stem cell treatments.]

  • Researchers from the U.S and China recently found that combining nutrient therapy with chemotherapy “significantly” reduced growth in liver cancer cells.29 

  • A group of doctors from the U.S. and Turkey treated a 29-year-old woman with Stage 4 breast cancer. They combined a special form of chemotherapy with nutrient and stem cell therapies. She was cancer free within six months.30 

  • This same group recently treated 44 metastatic lung cancer patients using the methods I mentioned above. A total of 27 patients saw complete or partial disappearance of their cancer, while another seven saw no further progression. Overall survival time for the entire group was 43 months. That’s almost 3.5 years for metastatic lung cancer — and counting.31  

Can you see why I am shouting to the rooftops about this combined therapy?

Boosting Healing Power by 800% Is Saving Lives!

Unfortunately, you won’t hear about these studies in the mainstream press. And most doctors will never hear of them.

And rather than helping doctors learn about these therapies, the FDA actively discourages physicians from using them.

But as I said earlier…

If science supports healing therapies, then I’ll bring them to you… no matter what the FDA says.

Because you and my patients matter more.

And when my patients tell me how much combined therapies help, I know I’m doing the right thing.

Like Milo H. who said

My results have been amazing. I feel the best I have in decades. My healthy HDL (“good cholesterol”) levels have increased by 60%. I’m now wearing slim shirts and Jim Crew’s slimmest jeans. My bone density is that of a 20-year-old. My lung capacity has improved significantly. And recently, I hiked 8 miles in 7,000 and 8,000 foot elevations without any concerns.”

Or Carol S. who told us

“After three months of seeing Dr. Sears, my blood sugars are better than ever. I feel better. I feel good. I have much more energy.”

And James R. who wrote

“Like many people, I have been fighting a combination of concerns. In the last half of 2016, the wheels fell off.

A combination of a demanding job, bronchitis, and stress caused me to gain 26 lbs. I had trouble keeping my blood pressure healthy and my A1C was 7.6. My conventional doctor chewing me out didn’t help much.

I had followed Dr. Sears for several years. So I asked my doctor about issues Dr. Sears raises, like hormones. My doctor dismissed it. Having turned 53, I decided to try the Dr. Sears’ path and took a day trip to Florida.

After three months my blood pressure is in a healthy range, my A1C is 6.7 and almost every metric improved. My doctor was irate. So, I asked how many people show the positive reversal I have.

At 6 months my A1C is 6.3. At 9 months I know my A1C will be even lower. My blood sugar is in the healthy 123/73 range today. I’ve lost 26 lbs.

I am not the testimonial type, but this is really my story. Thanks, Dr. Sears!”

Milo, Carol and James are feeling younger and healthier than ever, thanks to combined stem cell and nutrient therapies.

Now, It’s Your Turn

And you don’t have to travel to my office to get started. Because my home-based protocol helps you increase both your stem cells and nutrients — naturally.

You’ll find this protocol in my brand-new e-Report…

HyperStem™: Finally Medicine Moves from Treating to Curing

In this free e-Report, I swing open the doors to my clinic, to show you how my combined therapy, HyperStem™, cures people like David, Milo and Rose.

More importantly, I’ll show you protocols you can use at home to ramp your healing power up to warp speed.

Every step in my protocol is simple and inexpensive. Some are even free. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll get:

  • A simple exercise you can do in your easy chair to lower your blood pressure.

  • The secret used by the longest-living people on earth that’s proven to “wake up” sleeping stem cells.

  • The super nutrient you’ve never heard of that sparks more energy in every cell in your body.

  • Or the nutrient found in every person who lives to be 100… and how you can get more of it.

And here’s something else…

I also share — in plain English — why this protocol works. After all, knowledge is power. Understanding how a healing protocol works makes it easier to use… or just as important… makes it easier to help your spouse or a family member.

And that’s critical.

Because the information in HyperStem™: Finally Medicine Moves from Treating to Curing could save your life, or the life of someone you love.

Yet I won’t stop with giving you just this information.

Because science continues to advance. And mainstream media will NOT bring these advancements to you.

Every day, researchers make new discoveries. It may be a new understanding of how cells work. Or the science behind an ancient healing remedy. Or even the introduction of a new surgical procedure.

Whatever it is, you need to hear about it.

And I’ll bring you this critical information in my monthly e-newsletter…

Confidential Cures: Your Guide to Truth and Lies in Medicine from Around the World

When I say, “from around the world”, I mean it.

I travel around the world to learn about natural cures.

Because I do more than comb through piles of studies to find the latest research.

I also travel more than 20,000 miles, every single year, to some of the most remote places on earth.

Whether in the remote Andes Mountains… tiny islands in the Pacific… or the deepest jungles of Africa…

I’ve found places where people have never heard of heart disease or Alzheimer’s… and where 70-year-olds look younger than many Americans do in their 40s.  

This is why I take the time to live and work with people in these remote regions. I help them collect herbs. Learn how they prepare meals. And talk with their elders and healers… often for hours.

With their blessing, I’ve gained access to forgotten healing remedies, used over thousands of years.

And for years, I’ve combined these ancient remedies with the latest healing technologies to help my patients at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

Now, I’m bringing them to you, too.

Because you deserve proven treatments, whether it’s the latest stem cell research… or an herb from the Andes Mountains.

If it can help you or your family, I’ll tell you what it is, and how to get it.

And today, I’m inviting you to join the small group of people who have access to this exclusive information in Confidential Cures.

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Then, every month, you’ll also get…

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Contact information to help you connect with local doctors or organizations that use or promote the same natural healing methods I use in my clinic.

Scientific reports listed so you can personally review the research behind my recommendations.

Early warnings on anything I see coming down the Big Pharma pipeline that could be harmful to your health… as well as safe therapies or remedies you can use instead.

This is vital information for your health, gathered for you, in one place.

What if Jack Nicklaus Could Have Had 
HyperStem™ Treatments?

Jack Nicklaus won a record 18 major tournaments during his legendary golfing career.  But after retiring, his back pain was so bad, he stopped golfing. As he said, “I could not stand up for more than 10 minutes.”

So, at the age of 76, Jack flew to Germany for stem cell treatments. The therapy worked so well, he’s golfing again, free of pain. And he says he can stand for “as long as I want.”

But here’s the thing…

Jack Nicklaus didn’t need to fly to Germany. With HyperStem™ treatments, he could have ended his back pain with treatments right here at home. And he might have enjoyed pain-free golf even faster with this revolutionary combined therapy.1

1. De Lange C. “Golfer Jack Nicklaus says stem cell therapy cured his back pain.” New Scientist. April

You can enjoy easy access to the most powerful therapies on the planet — whether an ancient remedy or the latest scientific breakthrough.

And you’ll have options that you can use to feel young, vital and strong… no matter what modern medicine might tell you.

Now, it’s one thing to hear from me about this… but I think you should also hear from Confidential Cures members…

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“I was able to get Confidential Cures 10 years ago from Dr. Sears and have read it every day for the last 10 years. As a heavy smoker in my early years from 20 to 40 and was having chest and breathing problems. I took his advice, rebuilt my lungs and chest… I am now 80 years old and I have as much o

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