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May / 7 / 2019


Today I want to tell you about an Alzheimer’s patient who completely REVERSED his disease without Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs…

For 12 years, T.P. had been suffering from younger-onset advanced Alzheimer’s. Doctors told him his condition was irreversible.

His medications failed at slowing down his disease. In fact, one of the drugs made his Alzheimer’s worse.

T.P. knew time was running out. So, he enrolled in a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. The study’s goal was to harness Nobel-Prize winning research and turn it into an Alzheimer’s treatment.

And it worked. For two years, T.P. remained Alzheimer’s free, thanks to a breakthrough therapy that activated his Second Immune System.

I’ve told you how to use your Second Immune System to fight off diabetes, but now — like T.P. — you can use it to keep your brain sharp and clear no matter your age.

This discovery first came to light when two molecular biologists discovered that your body has not one — but TWO — immune systems. And it won them a Nobel Prize.

Your Second Immune System (SIS) usually lies dormant. But when reawakened, it has the amazing ability to keep chronic disease at bay.

But there was a problem. Nobody knew how to activate it. But now that’s all changed. I’ve uncovered research that reveals a way to trigger this Second Immune System.1

Your SIS is different from your regular immune system. Your regular immune system attacks foreign invaders like germs, bacteria and viruses.

But your SIS combats threats from inside your body — where chronic diseases begin.

This process works by using a complex biological process called autophagy, which means “self-eating.” This little-known form of cellular “self-cannibalism” is how your body cleanses itself of this dangerous cellular debris.

Staying disease-free depends on autophagy leaping into action when necessary. But, as you age, it gradually loses this ability.

If you don’t do something about it, the dead weight just piles up in your body, like trash bags on garbage day. SIS works by clearing away this cellular garbage.

T.P.’s doctors were amazed at his two-year recovery. But then they made a devastating choice… They enrolled T.P. in a follow-up study and put him on a Big Pharma Alzheimer’s drug. After one month, his old symptoms came roaring back.

Eventually, T.P. quit the study and went back on the autophagy therapy. And the treatment cured his Alzheimer’s for a second time!

And it worked fast. By the third day, he was able to shower, shave and order food from a menu. The researchers were stunned. “These activities had not been observed for months,” they said in their report.

Here at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, I’ve successfully treated dozens of patients by helping them activate their SIS. It is an integral part of my 30-Day Alzheimer’s Reversing Protocol.

If you’re interested in learning more about this protocol, please call my clinic at 561-784-7852. My staff is happy to answer all your questions.

But there’s one thing you can start today to help trigger your SIS easily at home. It works by using a technique called intermittent fasting — which mimics the ancient primal lifestyle of “feast and famine.”

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans had no reliable food sources. Our ancestors feasted when hunting was good. Then they had to survive periods of famine.

Over hundreds of thousands of years, these cycles of feast and famine became ingrained in the genetic code that’s coiled inside every one of your cells.

You might think starvation would drain their energy. But in fact, your power is increased. Short bouts of fasting ramps up the energy production in your cells.

That’s because as you evolved, fasting became part of your body’s hidden power to survive and thrive.

And fasting is when autophagy kicks into high gear. Studies show that fasting can have a profound effect on “garbage collection” in the brain and Alzheimer’s — especially at 24 and 48 hours.2

The Primal Way to Activate Your Second Immune System

Here’s how to start your fast to jumpstart your Second Immune System.

  1. Decide on your fasting window.I recommend my patients start with a safe, simple regimen that calls for an eight-hour eating window each day, followed by a 16-hour fast. When your body gets used to the 16-hour fast, you can move up to the 24-hour mark. You can practice one-day fasts as often as every two weeks.
  2. Set goals.If you’re fasting for your health, write it down and hold yourself accountable. I keep a notebook by my bed and map out my plan every week. What my fasting hours are and what I’ll eat after.
  3. Listen to your body.A full-day fast isn’t for everyone. You should always consult with a doctor before fasting. And if you do fast, it can take some getting used to. And it can take time to shed your old eating habits.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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